“Most beautiful thing I've ever owned. So elegant and eye-catching.” Grazyna G.
Elegant evening bags, wraps and shawls for special occasions and evening dresses.
Our formal shawls and handbags are made in Italy in tiny quantities so you are sure to be wearing something unique.

The Elizabetta collection of evening bags, shawls and wraps for evening dresses.

A carefully chosen silk evening shawl has the power to transform any outfit, from evening dresses to sleek pantsuits and even more casual outfits.

Here are some tips on choosing your silk shawl for formal or special occasions.

If your dress is patterned:

Choose a solid color evening wrap. It’s always best to coordinate colors rather than look for an exact match. For example, if your dress has a print in shades of blue, look for an evening wrap that is a solid blue, either dark or light, whichever will compliant the blues in the print best.

If you have a solid color evening dress:

Whether plain, beaded or embroidered, you can pair it with a solid color shawl or with a patterned shawl. We have patterned shawls in delicate florals, geometrics and watercolor designs, something for every occasion and taste.

If your dress has ruffles:

It's best to pair it with a sheer silk chiffon or Georgette shawl, as to not detract from the ruffles, rather give the dress an extra touch of femininity by letting the ruffles show through the sheer shawl.

If you need warmth:

Silk velvet is a perfect luxury fabric for your formal shawl. Our silk velvet evening wraps are lined with silk crepe for added refinement. We’ve made them generously sized so that you can cover your shoulders easily.

Why choose silk for your formal shawl?

Because silk is luxurious, long wearing and is timeless, never going out of style. Good quality silk, properly cared for will last a lifetime.

Types of silk fabrics for evening wraps:

Silk satin, silk charmeuse, silk organizino (a specialty luxury silk that is hard to find)  and silk crepe de chine are perfect choices for year-round shawls and wraps for evening dresses, adding silky, slightly lustrous beauty to your look.

Sheer silk chiffon or Georgette (a fabric that is like chiffon, but with twisted yarns) evening wraps can be worn year round. They are super versatile as they can be worn as a shawl, draped over your shoulders, or as a feminine long scarf, giving even more casual outfits a touch of elegance. 

How to choose the perfect evening bag:

It is often said that your evening bag should match your shoes. In other words, if your shoes are white, your bag should be white too. However, rules are made to be broken, and often the most refined look is achieved with carefully complimenting every aspect of your outfit. 
For example, if your dress is cream and your shoes are cream, you can pair this with a shawl that has shades of rose in it and an evening bag that has shades of rose.
A black evening bag will go with most outfits. It is a true classic.
Evening bags are usually small, meant to be carried in your hand, with or without a wrist strap, or with a shoulder strap that can be a chain or leather. Several of our evening bags have removable shoulder straps, so you can carry them either way.

Evening bag styles:

Pouch evening bags are soft and unstructured. They are meant to carry a minimum of items, just those few things you need for the event. Structured evening bags can carry a bit more and come in different shapes. Both are equally elegant, it just depends on personal preference combined with your outfit style.

The Elizabetta collection of shawls and evening wraps for evening dresses in luxurious silk and our collection of exclusive evening bags are all made in Italy in family-run workshops, ethically and sustainably with non-toxic vegetable dyes.
We make these in small quantities, ensuring that you are wearing a unique piece of art that will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.
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