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Silk Ascot Ties and Cravats - Sophisticated Charm

" This is one of those accessories that make you stand a bit taller, a bit straighter. The silk is high quality and the pattern subtle yet distinctive. You'll get noticed without be flashy or over-the-top." - David

Men's ascots are super comfortable, stylish and a great alternative to a necktie. Fortunately, they are coming back into style as modern men discover that they are not stuffy and old-fashioned, but rather a great way to look polished and dapper easily.

They are a type of neckwear usually made from silk on both sides, with 2 equal width, wide pointed ends with the center folded and stitched in a narrow band to go around the back of the neck.

There are 2 types: casual and formal.

  • A casual ascot tie is a good choice for any occasion where an open collar is a bit "too" casual, and a necktie is not necessary or desired. Depending on the pattern, they can be worn on casual, business and semiformal occasions. The trick to wearing this chic accessory is to make it look distinguished and a little rakish at the same time.

    Elizabetta casual ascots, or day cravats as they are sometimes called, are made from fine 14 momme silk twill which is soft and drapes into soft folds.

    Day cravats are typically worn with a button-down shirt, always tucked in, with one or two buttons undone to show off the beautiful silk and softly draped folds. Some gentlemen prefer to wear theirs with the collar covering the silk around the back and sides of the neck, other gentlemen prefer to have a sliver of the silk stand just above the collar. Either way, you will not only look dapper but will stand out from the crowd in a good way.

  • A formal ascot tie is usually worn outside the shirt, usually tied in a knot similar to the four-in-hand and sometimes secured with a decorative pin. These are perfect for weddings and other formal events. Because they are worn outside the shirt they are made either from thicker silk or made with an inner lining to give the tie stiffness.

    Elizabetta formal ascots are made from thick, woven jacquard silk. This allows for them to be worn both in the traditional way, outside the shirt, and also tucked inside the shirt for a more modern look.

"Elizabetta is the only domestic supplier of day cravats made to the proper length for tying in the traditional fashion. This latest purchase is one of a growing collection of cravats I've purchased from Elizabetta"


Cravat vs. ascot:

Which term is correct? The answer depends on whom you ask. It should come as no surprise that these two terms are used differently in the UK and the US, and there is a lot of conflicting information.

Historically, a cravat is a much older style of neckwear, worn originally in the 1630s by Croatian mercenaries who were enlisted by the French. The enlisted men wore linen cloths tied around their necks, and the officers wore silk. They were similar to the modern-day neckerchief.

Fun fact: The word "cravate" was actually a mispronunciation of "Croatian" by the French during this time, and hence the word "cravat" was born.

This original cravat is the forerunner of modern-day neckties, ascots, neck scarfs and even the bow tie, ie: modern men's neckwear.

Today, in theory, the term cravat should mean any type of neckwear, however, In the United States, the terms ascot and cravat are used interchangeably.

The term ascot should mean the wide pointed neckwear described above, worn in either a more casual style or formal style.

Fun fact: Ascot ties were popular with well-dressed gentlemen in the second half of the nineteenth century in England. Fashionable gentlemen spectators attending the annual Royal Ascot race held at the Ascot Heath racetrack in England made this style of neckwear popular and this style of neckwear was named after the race track.

Tying an ascot:

There are a few different ways to tie an ascot. This illustration shows the easiest (and most common) way.

silk ascot ties from Italy

The Elizabetta Uomo collection of men's ascot ties for sale:

We use only the finest Italian silk so as to be comfortable around the neck and as the fabric is cut on the true bias, they drape beautifully in soft folds.

All of our styles and patterns are made exclusively for Elizabetta.

We use non-toxic vegetable dyes, better for you and better for the planet.

We make them one by one, by hand, in small quantities in an ethical family-run workshop along the lakeshore of Lake Como in the north of Italy, a place famous for producing some of the world's finest silks.

This way you know that you are wearing a sartorial creation that was made ethically, in an eco-conscious fashion. Our pure Italian silk is comfortable as it breathes and does not have toxic chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Elizabetta designs new patterns several times a year, keeping our collection fresh and ensuring that you are wearing an exclusive and unique design.

When you buy from our online boutique you can rest assured that you will not find the same ascot anywhere else.

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