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Women's Italian Scarves - Silk Scarves for Timeless Elegance

"I absolutely love my gorgeous scarf. The silk and design is exactly what I was hoping for. It is divine. Thank you Elizabetta Boutique." Melissa C.

The Elizabetta collection of luxury women's silk scarves from Como, Italy

What makes Elizabetta Italian silk scarves so special? First and foremost is the quality not only of the silk fabric, but of the finishing (turning the fabric into a finished scarf). Unlike many companies, we have this expertly done in Como, Italy in family-owned artisanal workshops. Buy our Italian fashion accessories online, directly on our website, to help support artisan workshops and true made in Italy fashion.

You will always find your perfect womens scarf, since our designs are always fresh as we introduce new patterns and colors several times a year.

Pure silk is an amazing luxury fabric. Unlike synthetic fabrics, it breathes. Technically, breathability is the degree to which a fabric allows air and moisture to pass through it (permeability), and the degree that a fabric has thermal insulation. Silk is high in both features. In other words, silk is comfortable to wear year-round as it keeps you cool in summer because it wicks away moisture, and keeps you warm in winter or on a cool summer evening because it insulates you from the air.

Fashion scarves and the Italian silk scarf

Scarves are worn by both men and women in Italy. Both for practical reasons as in keeping your neck warm in winter or covering your bare shoulders on a cool summer evening and for purely making a fashion statement. Italian scarves have the ability to change and accent an outfit in so many ways. The same suit, shirt, jacket or dress can take on an entirely different look simply by adding a scarf to add a finishing touch.

"The scarf is of exceptionally good quality, colors are spot on and the fabric is genuinely nice to the touch. I have ordered from Elizabetta before and am not disappointed – brilliant products and will order again!" - Charles H.

Our pure silk scarves come in different shapes and sizes. We have four different-sized squares, ranging from small to extra large. We have oblong shapes from skinny to wide.

"Love Elizabetta scarves. I have purchased many Elizabetta scarves. My favorites are the sheer silk ones because I can wear them all year long. Love the color selections and the quality of the silk. Shipments have always been received quickly. Highly recommend this company." - Angela M.

Lake Como silk and why we chose it

All of our silk scarves, whether for men or women, are made from fabric produced by Como's best silk mills. Como is an area in the north of Italy that for centuries has been expertly weaving and dying silk, providing it to royalty and to the most luxurious brand names all over the world.

We chose to work with mills that are producing silk fabric in an ethical and sustainable fashion. Elizabeth visits these mills several times a year, and it is wonderful, year after year, to greet and catch up with the same people. Often 2-3 generations of the same family work at one workshop as the working conditions are fair and equitable.

The dyes used are non-toxic, the energy sources are increasingly more sustainable and the water usage as low as it can be, by using new digital printing techniques and filtering and recycling the water used.

Luxury Italian silk scarves that truly are 100% made in Italy, from the design to the finished product.

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