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Handmade Grenadine Ties - Timeless Elegance

"There is one word to describe this grenadine tie: PERFECT. The texture is perfect. The blade width is perfect. The quality, price, and speed of delivery in comparison to more well-known and much more expensive brands. Perfect." - Jason M.

Luxurious, refined, and much-coveted, our grenadine ties will give your look a dapper touch for every event.

Grenadine silk ties are made from a unique open weave fabric of twisted silk yarns that are woven exclusively in only two mills in Como, Italy. The looms still used today to create this fabulous fabric are old, wooden looms dating from the 20th century that require well-trained artisans to weave the yarn-dyed silk. These two mills supply us with this special fabric.

"Grenadine Perfection. There is one word to describe this tie; PERFECT. The texture is perfect. The blade width is perfect. The quality, price, and speed of delivery in comparison to more well-known and much more expensive brands; perfect. I'm confident that this tie will pair perfectly well with my gray suits."Jason M.

Few ties feel easier to wear than an Elizabetta Uomo grenadine silk tie. They work well with business, casual and even special occasion attire, always making the perfect dimple in the knot.

In Italian, grenadine is called garza inglese (English gauze) from the history of the looms that create this gauze-like fabric. You can learn more about grenadine silk ties here:

There are two types of grenadine, garza fina (fine gauze), which is a finer weave, creating a slightly textured fabric, and garza grossa (large gauze), which is a fabric with a coarser texture. Both make beautiful ties. The fabric can be dyed in rich, fabulous colors, and looks as beautiful in a solid color as it does in a woven stripe or pattern.

"The Best Grenadine Ties! I have bought grenadine ties from other companies, but none that match the quality from Elizabetta. The garza fina ties are truly a finer weave than what I’ve seen from others and the garza grossa ties have the right amount of texture. If you want a true grenadine tie then you want one that comes from the Lake Como region of Italy as these do. If it’s made in Vietnam, or any other area for that matter, it’s not a true grenadine tie. I’ve bought several different colors from Elizabetta, but specifically to the Mocha tie it is a great tie to wear when you want to dress slightly more casual due to the brown color of the tie. Even so, you’ll still be more dressed up and look better than 95% of the guys out there!" Donny L.

Elizabetta Uomo grenadine ties

Ours are cut and sewn by skilled artisans in Como, in the north of Italy in small, ethically run workshops. Each tie is made one at a time, and then carefully inspected for quality, from the silk fabric to the finishing touches. Buy our grenadine ties online, directly on our website, to help support artisan tailors and true made in Italy fashion.

Our grenadine ties are made in a classic 3-fold construction with a thin, perfectly balanced pure wool interlining to help keep their shape and give body to this delicate, open weave fabric. We cut the fabric on a true 45-degree angle (the true bias), which makes the tie lie flat when worn, instead of rolling and looking unruly.

We tip our grenadine silk neckties with our signature pinstripe silk, hand rolling the edges. This not only gives the tie a refined finish, but protects the tip and keeps it from curling. This ensures that your tie, if taken care of, will look fabulous after many years of wearing it.

Sophisticated and elegant, the grenadine is the quintessential tie for every gentleman's wardrobe. The popularity, uniqueness and beauty of grenadine ties is their versatility. The grenadine silk fabric’s unique texture gives these neckties the casual feel of a knitted tie but with the elegance of a woven jacquard silk tie. They pair well with most patterns and fabrics, making them a wardrobe staple.

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