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Elizabetta Italian silk scarves, ties and pocket squares


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difference scarf, wrap shawl stole

Confused about these terms? Let's clarify: Scarves, shawls, wraps, and stoles are fabric fashion accessories crafted from materials like silk, cashmere, wool, and more. Read more to understand the distinction...

grenadine neckties

A guide to what is a genuine grenadine silk tie and why they are so special. Elizabetta specializes in true grenadine neckties for men, handmade in Como, Italy.

How to tie a long silk scarf

In this guide, our friend Mira, a popular fashion blogger, will show you three unique and super stylish tying techniques that will set you apart.

How to wear an Italian silk square scarf tutorial

Wondering how to tie a scarf? This guide will teach you how to wear square scarves, also known as foulards. We give you 7 stylish and easy ways to tie...

How to tie and wear a mens neckerchief bandana scarf

What is a men's neckerchief and how does one style it? How do you fold a bandana? The Elizabetta stylish gentleman's guide to tying, folding and wearing mens silk neckerchief...

Italian silk evening shawl wrap

A short guide on how to choose the right evening wrap for an evening dress or suit.

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