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How to Wear Square Scarves - 7 Easy Styles

  • 2 min read

7 stylish ways to tie a square scarf with video tutorials

Silk square scarves are the new trend in fashion accessories – and they’re easy to wear, too!

We think they are one  of the most versatile fashion accessories you can buy. Not only do they come in many different colors and patterns, but they can also be used in a number of different ways to add style to almost any outfit. A quality Italian silk scarf will last for many years, making it an excellent investment for your wardrobe.

If you’re looking to try out this trend, or just want to jazz up your outfit, here are seven different ways how to wear square silk scarves, also known as foulards. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to fashion – only guidelines – so don’t be afraid to mix things up and create your own style!

Mira, a popular fashion influencer who has her own fashion blog has joined with us to produce video tutorials on her (and our) 7 favorite ways to tie a silk square scarf

1. The Knotted Necklace:

This is a fantastic way to give an elegant accent to any outfit, day or evening. You can wear this alone, or add a long string of pearls or beads to change the look.

how to wear a square scarf

How to tie the knotted necklace scarf video:

2. Worn as a Cravat:

There's nothing like tying a silk square scarf like a loose necktie to give your look instant polish. Whether going to a business meeting or out for lunch, this simple way to style your scarf is a winner.

silk square scarf how to tie

How to tie your square scarf as a cravat video:

3. Half Bow

Here's a pretty way to tie a silk square scarf that looks best when you are wearing an outfit with a simple neckline, like the turtleneck that Mira is wearing, a v-neck, crewneck or boatneck. In short, the simple neckline of your outfit will then showcase this fantastic way to wear a silk square scarf.

styling square scarves

How to tie your silk foulard as a half bow video

4. Soft Folds:

This is one of our customers' favorite ways to tie a silk square scarf, and for good reason as it showcases the pattern of the scarf while looking super chic at the same time.

how to tie an Italian silk square scarf

How to tie your silk scarf into soft folds video

5. The Perfect Knot:

Pretty and sophisticated, this knot has a professional about it. Perfect for business attire or when you simply want to look polished.

how to tie a square scarf

How to tie your silk foulard in the perfect knot video

6. Ladies Ascot:

Easy and classic, this way to tie your square scarf is perfect for when you are wearing a jacket.Your jacket can look completely different when you simply change the scarf!

tie a silk square scarf guide

How to tie your silk scarf as a classic ascot video

7. The Double Loop:

Smart and casual, this way of tying your scarf will soon become a favorite. It's a perfect style to wear with a button down shirt as Mira is showing us here.

how to wear a silk scarf with a button down shirt

How to tie your silk foulard in a double loop video

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Jacqueline Adams-Cook

Jacqueline Adams-Cook

July 01, 2023

Beautiful and very classic

Angela schelske

Angela schelske

July 01, 2023

Love your videos

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