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Wool Lined Silk Scarves - Luxurious Warmth, Refined Style

"Perfetto. An Elizabetta scarf is an heirloom. Stylish? Beyond that. This is Como." - Marcus M.

also known as reversible or double-sided scarves.

This special collection of reversible men's winter scarves are double-sided. What does that mean?

These cold weather scarves are constructed from printed silk twill on one side and woven, thin, fine-weight soft wool on the other. This results in a medium-weight silk wool scarf that is refined, perfect for business attire, overcoats, tweed jackets and cardigans.

Our silk twill fabric

We give the printed silk an extra washing treatment (non-toxic, of course!) to give the finish a dull sheen. We think this extra step is worth the expense because it results in a soft, not-shiny finish, which is the ultimate in sophistication.

Our pure wool backing

The reverse side of these scarves is a solid color tightly woven lightweight soft wool, known as tropical suiting wool.

The combination of silk on one side, and lightweight wool on the other gives the scarf a medium body with a beautiful drape. Stylish and warm, minus the bulk of a heavyweight winter scarf.

The perfect length

Most men's double sided scarves of this type are available in a 63" (160cm) length which is simply too short for most men for adequate coverage and drape.

After years of experience, we have found that the length of 71" (180cm) is a better length for most men. We’ve partnered with a young company in Como to print our exclusive designs on this special length for you.

"A very versatile and elegant combination of colors. Unlike some silk-and wool scarves, this is made long enough that one can easily wear it folded lengthwise with one end looped through the fold." - M.R.

Exclusive, unique designs

Elizabetta has these reversible silk wool scarves made in small quantities with unique and exclusive patterns. You will not find these anywhere else.

"Another Handsome Article. I recently purchased the Santino patterned scarf in burgundy. As with everything I've purchased from Elizabetta both the materials and construction are of superior quality. The scarf is silk backed with wool. It's of medium to lighter weight with the same richly colored and textured silk I've enjoyed in other items from Elizabetta. The lush silk is back with a tropical wool worsted cloth that is both soft and smooth, and not too heavy, in a color which perfectly complements the silk on the other side. The silk pattern is a handsome, classic geometric print. The red-toned motif on a black ground creates a scarf that is both classic and dramatic. Can be worn with both coats and jackets in a variety of ways as an accent piece while adding a touch of warmth. I'm looking forward to cooler weather again when I can begin enjoying it with sport jackets and longer coats." - Tim C.

Traditional and luxurious, a must-have for the discerning gentleman's wardrobe. They are the perfect men's business scarf as the look is elegant and refined.

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