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SINCE 2004

Luxury scarves, ties and more. Made in Italy, responsibly.

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Men's luxury silk ties and scarves

Details matter.

We are passionate about quality and ethics, which is why all of our accessories are made by family-run mills in Italy who treat their workers respectfully and are respectful of the environment for future generations.

I've always been fascinated and drawn to colors, designs and textiles. Growing up in Rome I had the good fortune to be immersed in Italian art, fashion and design from a very early age.

I started Elizabetta Boutique as a way to help preserve the art and craftsmanship of smaller Italian textile producers, and to offer beautiful fashion accessories at reasonable prices.

We make everything in small batches several times a year, offering you new designs while helping to protect the livelihood of the people who make them."

- Elizabeth Perkins



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