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Women's Small Silk Square Scarves

"These are the most beautiful bandana neckerchief scarves I've ever found! I always google "neckerchiefs" and this time I found you! Now you're a "favorite" and a "bookmark. I wear neckerchiefs always!" - Polly B.

Womens Silk bandanas small square neck scarves

Women's silk bandanas, and their larger cousin, the silk neckerchief, are a versatile and stylish addition to every woman's wardrobe. Both are square in shape and fun to style, adding interest and color to any outfit.

Endless possibilities for styling silk bandana scarves and neckerchiefs

They can be folded and tied in so many ways, adding a pop of color and pattern to your look. Typically worn around the neck in a variety of styles: folded into a narrow strip and tied loosely in front, sailor style, or tied in a side bow, or side knot, European style, tied in a small knot at the back of the neck as a choker, or as a loose triangle in front. These styles look great with a variety of necklines.

Try wearing your silk bandana in your hair as a ponytail tie, around a hair bun, braided into a braid, as a headband or a headscarf. It’s the perfect antidote to a bad hair day!

The small size of an ladies bandana makes it perfect for adding chic styling to your look by wearing one as a wrist or ankle bracelet or classically tied around your handbag handle, instantly changing the look of your bag.

The possibilities are endless!

Bandana vs. neckerchief, what's the difference?

Size. A bandana scarf is smaller, typically 19” x 19” (50cm x 50cm). A neckerchief is larger neck scarf, typically 27 " x 27" (70cm x 70cm).

Both are versatile additions to a women's wardrobe as they can be styled in your hair, worn as a head covering, the smaller bandana is better for wearing as a bracelet or as a choker necklace. The larger square is better to if you want more fabric in styling.

Small silk square scarves made in Como, Italy

All of our women's silk bandanas and neckerchiefs are made in Como, an area in the north of Italy most famous for its silk production. We don’t believe in mass-produced fashion and make all of our silk scarves in ethically run workshops using vegetable dyes. Better for you, better for the planet.

Prints and patterns to suit every taste

We have a variety of colors and prints to choose from, making it possible to add chic to just about every outfit, from work to casual. Give one of our small square scarves a try, we think you'll be delighted with its versatility!

Elizabetta designs new patterns every season so when you buy a silk bandana from our online boutique you know that the design is fresh and unique.

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