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Men's Hand Rolled Pocket Squares - For Unforgettable Style

" These are probably the nicest pocket squares around. The silk is gorgeous. The patterns are beautiful. And the size is perfect"- Paul T.

A brief history of men's pocket squares

We may be living in more modern times, but everyone loves a little tradition, which is why an Italian silk pocket square is an accessory that is still in fashion today. Pocket squares are also known as suit handkerchiefs, pocket handkerchiefs or simply hankies, because they were originally used to clean men's noses and faces, and were mostly made out of cotton or linen.

Nowadays, silk handkerchiefs, in particular, are mostly worn as a fashion statement in the breast pocket of a suit jacket or blazer, hence the name pocket square or the French men's pochette. Wearing men's Italian pocket squares dates back to early centuries, and they're still as popular as ever, with gentlemen all around the world still adding Italian ties and pocket squares to their suit outfits.

"There's nothing nicer than this! A lovely, beautiful item! Tres classy. I bought all the color permutations. These pocket squares make me look like a million bucks!"Bill F.

How to choose a pocket square:

There are no firm rules for choosing a men's pocket square. Simply put, it should complement your shirt and tie (or ascot or dress scarf), but never match them. This little piece of silk in your suit pocket is the single most indispensable fashion accessory for defining classic and traditional styles.

Men's Italian pocket squares can add a note of elegant refinement to any suit and tie combination, giving them a pop of color that makes a statement of rugged individualism. Additionally, depending on which pocket square fold you choose, the same handkerchief can make your suit pocket range from business casual to very formal.

At Elizabetta Uomo, we have an extensive collection of men's pocket squares in a vast range of colors, fabrics and patterns to suit the taste of any modern gentleman. Most are a generous 16" (42 cm) square size, which is easier to fold and style than the more classic 13" (33 cm) size. So, go ahead, try changing up your colors, textures and styles, if it feels right, then wear it and wear it well!

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