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Style Decisions: How to choose shawls and wraps for evening dresses

By Elizabeth Perkins

The Elizabetta guide to choosing shawls and wraps for evening dresses

Whether you are looking for an elegant shawl for a wedding, cocktail party, the theater, dinner out or any other event, we hope this brief guide will give you the confidence to choose the perfect evening wrap for your dress or outfit.

Elizabetta formal shawls for dresses

Silk: the best choice for dressy shawls for any season

Silk is the number one choice for a formal wrap, as it is luxurious, timeless and long-wearing. 

At Elizabetta we make evening and formal shawls from different types of silk:

Silk Satin and Charmeuse

Handmade silk satin evening shawl

Both are lightweight and incredibly soft and silky to the touch.  They have a lustrous shine on one side and a dull matte finish on the other.

Silk Satin Chiffon

lightweight sheer silk evening wrap

Gossamer light, delicate and with a slight sheen, this hard-to-find luxury fabric is a delight to wear.

Silk Georgette

Silk Georgette evening wrap made in Italy

A soft, super lightweight, slightly crinkly and crepey sheer fabric that drapes beautifully.

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silk satin evening wrap shawl made in Italy
How to choose the best shawl for dresses

Silk is a material that will never go out of style. In fact, it's been worn by royalty and celebrities alike because silk makes you feel like royalty!

Silk has been prized for centuries as it combines both dignity and beauty. It can be worn at any occasion - from summer weddings to winter balls or even just an everyday dinner with friends; this versatile material will always make your outfit shine.

black silk evening wrap
ElIzabetta Italian shawls and wraps for special occasions

Prints look fabulous on silk, and solid colors are ever so versatile and timeless. Do not confuse genuine silk with the many synthetics available. A real 100% silk formal shawl will add instant glamour and refinement to your ensemble.

Elegant evening shawls wraps: How to choose the right color or pattern

You can effortlessly extend your existing wardrobe by giving it new looks.

luxury silk evening wraps

A solid color outfit looks absolutely stunning with a print.  Prints can be bold or subtle. They can be printed on silk chiffon or a more opaque silk charmeuse or satin. The same dress will look like an entirely different dress simply by changing your evening shawl. We have prints for every mood and occasion, from very subtle to bold.

How to choose colors

sheer silk evening wrap

Consider your outfits' color palette and select a shawl with shades that enhance your look. Matching is not necessary, what we are looking for are color schemes that go well together.

You can also choose an ombré or degradé silk wrap, which smoothly transitions between colors.

Patterned Dresses

If you're wearing a patterned dress, choose a shawl for your dress with a complementary pattern (for example flowers with a small geometric print) or a solid color that goes well with one of your outfits' colors.

Solid Color Dresses

Silk shawl for evening dress

We recommend opting for a shawl with a pattern to add a pop of visual interest. Color blocking is another great strategy to make a simple dress stand out: choose a shawl that is a complementary (not matching) color to your main outfit. For example, a bold fuchsia scarf over a simple black or navy dress looks dashing. 

Best evening shawls a nd wraps

What could be better than wearing classic elegance?

Did you know that you can wear a lightweight silk shawl as an evening scarf? It's an elegant and chic way to update your outfit.

Some kind words.

"Exquisite! This is the most exquisite evening scarf I have ever owned. Just the right size, the material is so sheer, and the colors are so me!"

- C. W.

"I received the evening shawl in a couple of days. I love it. I wore it to a wedding and got more compliments on the shawl than my dress !! Very high quality"- Rosaire W.

"Stunning High Quality Shawl - Stunning formal shawl, arrived in great shape and looked even better in

real life. Very fine and looks and feels so luxurious and glamorous. Would lift any outfit. Highly recommend." - Michele B.

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handmade silk evening wraps
womens best evening shawls

Wondering what the differences between a shawl, scarf and stole are?

We have the answers here.

Take your accessories into account 

Always take the accessories you'll be wearing like jewellery and shoes into account while choosing your shawls and wraps for evening dresses. For instance, if you are wearing silver jewellery, wear a grey or silver shawl for evening dress that has a fine gloss to it for added allure.

Gold accessories work best with shawls that have gold or warm tones to pull the outfit off like a diva. Likewise, pair pearls with an ivory or pastel silk chiffon wrap for an elegant appearance, and of course, black goes with just about everything!

Whether you're looking for the best formal shawl for a wedding or an evening wrap for a cocktail dress, a silk evening wrap can be your dramatic or subtle style statement.

At Elizabetta, we make dressy shawls from sheer silk chiffon, Georgette, satin and charmeuse. All will prove to be a timeless and much worn addition to your wardrobe.