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Italian Silk Reversible Men’s Scarves

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Classic reversible silk scarves lined with wool are very popular but hard to find. They give a dash of style to your look, whether a traditional suit or jeans and a sweater/blazer.

  wool lined silk scarf

There is a small manufacturer in Como who makes the finest men’s reversible scarves that are exclusive to my shop.

Every season I’m presented with the newest silk twill fabric prints and I pick and choose and determine the sizes and type of the finished scarves. So many beautiful prints…it's so hard to choose!

You can see our current collection here

The prices of quality cashmere and silk have skyrocketed in the last few years. In Italian they say the prices have “gone to the stars” This has put the Italian textile industry that was already suffering because of really cheap manufacturing in other countries into an even more difficult situation. In future posts I plan to explain more about this.

I still see the markets bombarded with silk and “cashmere” at unbelievably low prices. I'm a-a textile aficionado and am saddened to know that many people don’t know the difference between a quality fabric and a fabric that is, well, not up to par. I don’t mind paying low prices for low quality, but paying high prices for low quality…that irks me to no end.

The distinct advantage of buying directly is much less end cost to the consumer. There are no middle men to pay. I’m very proud that I offer the quality that I do at prices that are truly reasonable.

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