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Cashmere and Wool Scarves - Warmth Refined

"I have never found such high quality scarves at this price. Go ahead, treat yourself." - Lucy P.

Our collection of fall and winter scarves, shawls and wraps

Here at Elizabetta you will find cashmere and wool scarves and wraps made from luxury 100% cashmere, cashmere blends, 100% wool and wool silk blends.

What is cashmere and why is it so special?

Cashmere is known for being one of the softest fabrics in the world.

Cashmere is a wool made from the fur of a Kashmir goat. These goats originally come from the Himalayas, but are now raised in other places, including Italy. These goats have 2 types of hair, the soft, very fine underbelly hair which in the spring is combed and then spun into cashmere yarn, and a coarser outer fur, a wool.

A 100% cashmere scarf is lighter weight than its wool cousin, yet warmer. You do not need a heavy, thick cashmere scarf to keep you warm in the fall or winter.

Each goat produces about 200 grams of the soft cashmere wool year, compared to a sheep who produces about 3 kilos of wool a year, one of the main reasons why cashmere is more expensive than wool.

If you find an inexpensive scarf that claims to be cashmere, it is probably too good to be true. There are many cases of mislabelling and fraud and although labeled 100% cashmere, some products have been found to contain yak hair, rat fur and other fibers. Buyer beware.

"A really fine cashmere scarf worth the extra expense" - James W.

Here at Elizabetta we bring you men's and women's cashmere scarves direct from the manufacturer to you, saving money by not having a middleman.

Classic solid color cashmere wraps and plaid cashmere scarves for men and women that never go out of style.

"Quality cashmere! I bought this for a gift. The scarf has exceeded my expectations. Great quality cashmere at a reasonable price. My wife is thrilled." - John M.

What is wool, and why is it used for scarves, wraps and shawls?

Wool is made from the fur of sheep. Sheep grow lots of fur a year and are given a haircut several times a year. This wool is then spun and woven into yarns that are used for making scarves. Different types of sheep produce different types of wool, but the longer the fiber, the softer the wool.

Fine quality wool is superb for keeping the cold weather out. The natural lanolin in the wool helps to keep the water out and keep you dry. Wool, like all natural fabrics, "breathes." This keeps you more comfortable while keeping you warm.

At Elizabetta all of our cashmere and wool scarves and wraps are made from soft, fine yarns. We prefer a looser weave made with long fibers as the resulting woolen scarf is soft, easy to wear and not bulky.

Our men's and women's wool scarves are available in plain, solid colors, prints and plaids. They will give your look beautiful Italian style while keeping you warm without bulk. We make these wide enough to be wrapped around your shoulders and worn as a woolen shawl.

All wools, whether cashmere or sheep, go through a similar process. They need to be cleaned from any debris, then the fibers are carded, a process that detangles and lines up the hairs so that they can be spun into a yarn. They are either dyed, or left natural and then printed or not. It's a long process, requiring skill and know-how to produce a quality fabric from either.

"Lightweight but keeps me warm. This gorgeous wool scarf has a smooth, almost silky feel. As a wrap it's warm without being bulky. It's a great layering piece for draping over a dress or tunic.The colors are perfect for my fall and winter outfits." - Adrienne D.

Cashmere and wool scarves blends, what are they?

Sometimes we like to blend different fibers together to add strength, softness or other qualities to a fabric. For example, our lightweight wool silk blends make a fabric that is super soft that can printed with fine details, allowing for more intricate designs.

Elizabetta carefully chooses the softest, lightweight woven fabrics to make these scarves. These woolen fabrics are woven in Biella, a town in the north of Italy famous for its cashmere and wool production. We only use non-toxic dyes to dye the yarns and to print our designs. Better for you, better for the planet. Our wool and cashmere is woven in a plant that is GOTS certified. This means they use only natural processes, no chlorine or other dangerous chemicals.

Stay warm in style in cold weather with Elizabetta luxury 100% cashmere and wool scarves from Italy. Buy online men's and women's styles.

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