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Italian Handmade Silk Ties - Timeless Craftsmanship

" Exceptional quality. Well made tie. Nothing beats Italian silk ties, and Elizabetta ties are among the best." - Eric

We design sartorial men's luxury Italian ties that are elegant and tasteful for the modern gentleman. Elizabetta carefully chooses colors and patterns to ensure classic style for every occasion.

In addition to standard length ties, we also offer extra long ties which are are approximately 62.5-63" long. This is the proper length for most men that are 6'1"-6'6", or most men with a neck size of 17.5" or larger.

"I am so glad I found Elizabetta! I am a tall guy who needs XL ties for work and it's very hard to find said ties through major retailers. When you do the design styles are usually limited. Or the quality is lacking. Not the case with this boutique. Great selection of ties and they just feel of a better quality than you would get at almost every other place. I definitely plan on filling out my wardrobe with Elizabetta ties." Seth B.

We offer both printed and woven luxury ties. Our printed designs are printed on thick, 28-momme silk twill using non-toxic dyes and state-of-the-art digital printers which provide a more eco-sustainable way of printing than the older screen printing method. Our woven ties, including our grenadine, jacquard and shantung neckties, are woven in the oldest mills in Como.

The Elizabetta Uomo collection of men's ties includes different style options, from casual to formal, wedding and business. We use the highest quality natural fabrics, all 100% made in Italy. Every season we offer new and unique designs.

Men's Italian ties: Which style to choose?

The first thing to look for is a tie that is the right length, so either a standard or an XL necktie. Our extra long ties are perfect for taller men and men with larger necks.

Next, let's talk about fabric and pattern.

A silk necktie is a vehicle of expression and style. Here are some general guidelines, but your personal taste and sense of style should be your main guide.

The outer shell of a luxury Italian tie is made from silk, wool, linen, cotton or a blend. These fabrics can be woven or knotted. The pattern can be printed or woven. Always look for a natural fabric.

Silk is a fabric that can be worn year-round. An Italian silk tie, if made well, will last many years and never goes out of style.

Wool is more for colder months and linen and cotton more for warmer months. Blends of these are sometimes used to create unique and beautiful fabrics for men's ties.

Bold patterns and colors are generally considered to be more casual, as are more highly textured fabrics.

Darker colors, solid and muted colors and patterns on smoother textured fabrics are generally considered more formal.

For formal events, including weddings, you can wear either a dark (such as black or dark navy blue) or light (think silver grey, ivory or pastel) Italian silk tie with a subtle woven pattern.

As for patterns, a large medallion is perfect for business and casual events, and a small micro pattern can be worn to any event.

Stripes and polka dots are classic and easy to wear and can be more formal or less formal depending on the fabric. For example, a stripe on a textured shantung tie is more suited to casual and business attire, while a stripe on a smoother jacquard silk can be worn to more formal business events and special occasions.

"Waking up to Elizabetta ties: I am a physician, and keep early hours. It’s never easy to get up at 4:30, but, and I’m not kidding, picking out a beautiful Elizabetta tie for the day makes the sun seem to come up a bit brighter. Thank you for giving us something so special." Richard E., MD, PhD

How we make our men's Italian ties:

It's all in the details: Experience, passion and craftsmanship are what go into making the perfect handmade necktie.

The best mills in Como, Italy make the fabric which is then cut and sewn by sartorial tailors also in Como. Como is one of the oldest silk-producing areas in Europe, and the quality is the highest.

The outer fabric, called the shell, is cut on the true bias. This means that the fabric is cut on a 45% angle to the weave. This is important because it means that the finished tie will lie flat and not curl. It consumes more fabric to do so, but is essential for a long-lasting, great-looking luxury tie.

At Elizabetta Uomo we use a thin, pure wool interlining to give your tie body. We use wool because it, like the natural shell fabric, breathes and retains its shape over time.

The sartorial tailors then sew it all together with a slip stitch. This means there is an extra length of the thread that lets the tie "give" as it is knotted, unknotted, pulled and so on. This helps it to keep its shape and look good for many years.

We tip the ends with our signature brown silk fabric or the same fabric as the front, depending on the model. Tipping keeps the pointed end from curling over time, and gives it the right amount of body and refinement that an untipped tie cannot. We choose expensive silk instead of the widely used acetate, a synthetic, as silk is longer-lasting and certainly more beautiful.

As a small company making neckwear, It is important that every item we offer is made in an ethical and sustainable manner. Elizabeth personally visits the mills and the artisanal workshops that cut and sew our neckwear several times a year.

We choose to have everything made 100% in Como, rather than buying the fabric and having them made elsewhere to save money as many companies do (and then they add a "Made in Italy" tag on the item!) Elizabetta believes in and supports the family-run mills and tailor workshops in Como even though it means our production costs are higher. Buy our Italian ties online, directly on our website, to help support artisan tailors and true made in Italy fashion.

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