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Fashion for Women Over 60 - How to Look Good in Your Later Years

  • 6 min read
fashion for women over 60

You might think that once you reach a certain age, it’s impossible to look good and feel, dare we say it, sexy? But that’s not just true, and there are a lot of women over sixty who look absolutely stunning in their twilight years. For instance, Helen Mirren is 71 while many people think she looks at least twenty years younger. Goldie Hawn, once a sex icon still looks incredible today. How do these women do it and beat the signs of age?

Well, it’s not about beauty products and surgery as most people might assume. It’s all to do with fashion. By dressing well, you can look gorgeous and great, no matter how old you are. However, before we think about what to wear, we need to look at the mistakes to avoid that will cause you to look older than you really are.


What Not To Wear - Fashion for Women over 60


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is dressing by age. What we mean by this is accepting that your age determines what you should wear. Once you reach sixty, you won’t be walking around dressed like Ariana Grande, but you also shouldn’t be sinking into those knitted sweaters or knee length cotton skirts either.

There is plenty of fashion for women over 60 that hits the mark beautifully. You should stop wearing any piece of clothing that is five sizes too big. Baggy clothes can be stylish, but not if you’re trying to hide that tummy. If anything, it’s going to draw attention to the areas of your body that you’re trying to cover up.

You also want to avoid clothing that is going to make you look frumpy and outdated. So make sure you avoid those ankle length floral dresses that look like they were left over from the seventies. The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to look good is fall out of touch with fashion. So, what is fashionable for women over 60?


Elegance And Class


Think of yourself aging like a fine wine. As the years add on, you become even more gorgeous and intoxicating. You can achieve this if you dress the right way and one of the options is to aim for dress wear that makes you look classy and elegant.

For instance, you might opt for a sleek knee length skirt that wouldn’t look out of place in a boardroom with a fitted shirt. Finish the look with a jacket and dress shoes. This isn’t a formal outfit. It’s something you should be wearing whether you’re heading down to the superstore or attending a special event.

The easiest way to make sure you look classy is to choose clothing that matches your body perfectly. It shouldn’t hang over you loosely or cling to the skin, the fit needs to be just right. Do this, and you’ll certainly look as young as you feel.



Perhaps there are features that you think give away your age. But there are ways to cover them up without wearing baggy, overlong clothing. One of the ways you can do this is with accessories. For instance, you can wear a long silk shawl to cover your arms. This will complement a summer dress beautifully and give you that classy distinct look that you want.

long silk shawl

Another way to use accessories is to dress up and draw attention away from another area of your body. For instance, you might want to draw attention away from your middle. If that’s the case, add some sparkling jewelry around your neck. Oversized jewelry works a treat here, drawing attention to an area that you might have more confidence in.

Or alternatively, you can do both. You can use a scarf as a belt on a dress or cover up any wrinkles around your neck with a beautiful scarf.

leopard print silk scarf

A Touch Of Tease

What about showing off some skin? Well, good advice for anyone no matter what your age is less is always more. However, when you reach sixty, you might be reluctant to show any at all. Fight this notion because by showing a little you are demonstrating that you have the confidence in your body to be just a touch revealing. There are various ways to do this from a slight slit in the skirt or just the right amount of cleavage. Anything like this, that demonstrates confidence and confidence, is always fashionable. You need to own whatever style you choose and being confident enough to show a little more is definitely one way to do this.

Denim Darling


You might be shying away from denim as you get old but you shouldn’t because denim looks great on mature women. It makes all the best parts of your bottom half look curvy and toned. Don’t worry if you’re a little plump either. What you’re looking for are high rise jeans which have come back in fashion in a big way.

Alternately, a jean jacket gives your look a shot of whimsy.

Slim Is In


Are slim fit trousers just for young girls? Absolutely not! If you have a slender figure, you can certainly rock it in slim fit trousersat any age.Try complimenting this choice with a long top. This will add length to your silhouette and make your legs look great.

As for the color of these trousers, brighter shades will draw more attention to this area. So, if you have a lot of confidence in your lower half, definitely opt for those white, cream or yellow colors.

How About A Little Leather?


Leather skirts are in fashion right now, and the older celebs have been caught wearing them on the stage. We’re not talking about the tight miniskirts here but rather knee length pencil style leather skirts. Or, leather skirts that hang a little more loosely. Matched with a white blouse, this can be an absolutely stunning and make you look forty when you’re approaching sixty. You can be even bolder and add a short leather jacket to complete the ensemble.

However, try to avoid going all in on opting for the knee high leather boots too. It’s the difference between looking like an elegant ex-model and an elderly biker chick.

Forget Fifty Shades Of Grey


Somewhere out there, there are people claiming that older women should stick to dark, dull colors. Why? Is it because dark shades make you look slim? That may be true, but brighter colors make you look young, spirited and vibrant. That’s what you want isn’t it, so it’s time to be a little more adventurous with your style choices. Try that hot pink skirt or that rouge red t-shirt, you might be surprised with how great it looks on you.

red floral leather handbag

Colorful accessories are important too. The more vibrant they are, the more attention they’ll attract. Remember, one of the best parts of accessories is that they’ll bring attention away from troublesome areas. So if that’s the case, it’s the brighter, the better!

Don’t Forget Who You Are


Sure, your wardrobe might change as you get older, but it doesn’t have to be radically different. You can still wear the same jewelry you used to love in your thirties. You can still wear the same types of dresses that used to show off your curves. Those curves are still there! Why when we reach sixty do we start trying to cover them up? It’s time for people to realize that mature women are not only attractive, fashionable over 60, and yes sexy. You don’t have to give up on that personal style once you hit your golden years. So dig out those heels you used to wear on girl's night’s out and start using them. And when you do go shopping, look for clothes that match the style that you love. Not the one that you think matches your age. Remember, you can only look as young as you feel.

Look For Icons


Finally, keep an eye out for pictures and snaps of famous women who are your age. We’ve already mentioned a couple, but there are plenty more who look fabulous every time they hit the red carpet. Usually, you’ll find they're wearing clothes that are similar or the same as the ones at your local store. Try to match their style, and you can look like a star after sixty.

But don’t forget, fashion has no rules and fashion isn’t determined by age. If you want to look good, and you’re looking for fashion for women over 60, you just need to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with the styles you choose.