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Chic Senior Fashion is Not a Myth

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Many young people believe that when you hit a certain age, you instantly have to start dressing poorly. Not only is this wrong—and a bit ageist—but there are countless examples to the contrary.

In fact, it seems like the only thing that’s antiquated and out of touch is the idea that older people can’t look and feel amazing in the clothes they wear.

In order to dispel these misconceptions, we’ve compiled a list of leading fashion tips for seniors to reclaim their right to look and feel great in the clothes they wear.

Comfort and Fashion (Can) Go Hand in Hand

We all love to feel comfortable in the clothes we wear. There is no reason why comfortable clothes can’t also look great! The fashion of the past was pretty restrictive, and we’ve come a long way since corsets and caged dresses.

Forgetting centuries-old fashion trends, even the fashion trends of 30 years ago were may more uncomfortable and restrictive. Today, chic leather sandals, a loose-fitting blouse, and compression pants can wow onlookers much like the pantsuits of the recent past.

loose blouse older woman

Take Advantage of Chic Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is designed to help seniors and the disabled find easy, hassle-free dressing solutions. It becomes more challenging to tie, knot, reach, and stretch into more restrictive, traditional clothing as our bodies age. Proponents of adaptive clothing believe that getting dressed shouldn’t be a hassle.

Some features adaptive clothes take advantage of are:

  • Clothing designed to mitigate incontinence
  • Elastic waist bands
  • Pants that open on the side
  • Magnetic “snap” buttons
  • Velcro fasteners

Adaptive clothing helps seniors look good with ease and comfort.

Tailor Your Outfits For the Perfect Fit

Stock outfits from the store are designed and sized to be catch-all clothing. This way, there is a good chance that the average person can find something that fits their liking. The drawback is that these catch-all clothes often miss the mark in terms of flattery.

You might discover your outfit at a store but stop in at the tailor before taking it home. Tailors help adapt the clothes to your particular body, not some vague distillation of small, medium, or large. If you want to look the best in your clothes, consider having them tailored by a professional.

tailoring a blouse

Simple Clothing is Elegant Clothing

For humor, brevity is the soul of wit. For fashion, simplicity is the wellspring of elegance. Why complicate matters with clashing textures, colors, and styles? Aim for stylistically consistent color schemes, basic patterns, and thoughtfully-chosen accessories, like the right tie and pocket square.

Saying more with less is an art form all in itself. Going for a simple style makes a clearer, bolder statement than busyness for busyness’s sake.

beige suit with pocket square

Layers Help Conceal and Build Volume

Use plenty of layers to help you moderate your temperature and help you achieve the shape you want. Wearing layers can help add volume if you want to add more to your frame. But conversely, it can have the effect of obscuring extra weight.

In essence, wearing many layers can have an additive or subtractive effect on the appearance of your figure. This technique gives you more control over how others perceive you. Don’t forget to top off your layers with a silk bandana.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Finally, don’t forget about the accessories that can make your outfit pop. From an oversized silk scarf to an evening shawl, the right accessory can transform a good outfit into a top-tier, trend-setting fashion statement.

scarf worn as a belt

Remember, nothing is stopping you from shattering the myth that seniors can’t be fashionable. Whether on the runway in Milan or at the independent senior living center, all it takes is one thoughtful, stunning outfit.

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