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Standard Length Grenadine Ties

"Grenadine Silk Tie - Pure magic in construction, art in its movement, and craftsmanship that's a culmination of centuries worth of honed skills. Worth every penny."Faiyaz H.
Grenadine Ties – Luxurious, refined, and much-coveted, our grenadine ties will give your look a dapper touch in every event.

The Elizabetta collection of Men's Grenadine Ties

Grenadine silk is a special, open weave of twisted silk yarns that are woven exclusively in only two mills in Como, Italy. The looms still used today to create this fabulous fabric are old, wooden looms that require well-trained artisans to weave the yarn-dyed silk.

Elizabetta grenadine ties are cut and sewn by skilled artisans in Como, in the north of Italy in small, ethically run workshops. Each tie is made one by one and each tie is then carefully inspected for quality, from the silk to the finishing touches.

Few ties feel more versatile and easy to wear with different outfits, business, casual and even special occasions; always making the perfect dimple in the knot than Elizabetta grenadine ties.

The popularity, uniqueness and beauty of grenadine ties is their versatility. The grenadine silk fabric’s unique texture gives these neckties the casual feel of a knitted tie but with the elegance of a woven jacquard silk tie. It's no wonder the James Bond characters often wear a grenadine tie!

Because the fabric is 100% pure silk, it can be dyed in rich, fabulous colors, and looks as beautiful in a solid color as it does in a woven stripe or pattern.

Our grenadine ties are made with a pure wool interlining to help keep their shape and give some body to this delicate, open weave fabric. We cut the fabric on a true 45-degree (true bias) line, which makes the tie lie flat when worn, instead of rolling and looking unruly.

We tip our grenadine silk neckties with our signature pinstripe silk, hand rolling the edges. This not only gives the tie a refined finish, but protects the tip and keeps it from curling. An Elizabetta Grenadine Tie: A must-have for every discerning gentleman.

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