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Oversized Scarves & Wraps

"Your scarves are beautiful. I've been buying from your site for years and always come back!!"Marilyn C.
An extra large square or oblong scarf, also known as an oversized scarf is such a versatile and luxurious addition to your wardrobe.
A large square silk scarf, also known as an oversized scarf is such a versatile and luxurious addition to your wardrobe.
It can be worn around your neck in a variety of styles, draped over your shoulders worn as an elegant shawl, folded in a triangle to wear as a hip scarf, tied as a blouse, or worn around your head as a headscarf or turban.
There is nothing quite as versatile for the wardrobe as a large, square silk scarf. Accessorizing your favorite outfits has never been easier than it is with an oversized Italian scarf.
A luxurious addition to your wardrobe, you can fold these oversized silk Italian scarves into many different shapes to set your outfit off beautifully.
Drape it delicately around your shoulders as an elegant and functional shawl, fold into a triangle for an attractive belt alternative, or even wear it around your head for sun protection.
Any one of the sheer and chic stylish oversized Italian scarves in our range would suit you perfectly. There's no need to worry about which color or pattern you should go with, either, because at Elizabetta, we've got the oversized silk Italian scarves that you need in a rainbow palette. Italian silk scarves add color and texture to an otherwise one-dimensional outfit.

They're ideal all year round, with the oversized silk Italian scarves doubling up around your neck for warmth in the winter, or protecting you from the sun in the summer. They can be paired with multistrand pearl necklaces for an upgraded look. Bright colors are ideal for the spring, and the silk around your throat looks elegant and delicate, but still spruces up even the most casual jeans and tee!
Layering your clothes can be so much simpler with our oversized Italian scarves. Go chic or go casual, either way, you're going to pop with color and class.
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