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Men's Silk Neckerchiefs - Large Bandanas - Understated Elegance

I love it. No matter what I am wearing, when I tie the silk neckerchief around my neck, I look better. And only Italian silk does this. -James R.

"Beautiful design. Have purchased 2 silk neckerchiefs and am going to order another. Great quality" Milo W.

Men’s neckerchiefs are a style of neckwear that has been around for centuries and are making a welcome comeback. Also known as kerchiefs, large bandana scarves, square neck scarves, and here in Italy, foulards.

The neckerchief is typically square in shape and made from a soft lightweight fabric such as silk, cotton or linen so that it can be tied around the neck in a variety of styles, adding comfort as well as style.

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of the square neck scarf/bandana for men, and for good reason. They are extremely comfortable to wear and they add a touch of individuality to any look by adding a dash of color, pattern and texture to an outfit.

Because a large bandana can be tied in many ways, it adds originality and a touch of rakishness to any look.

"Capri Poppy is the 42nd addition to my Elizabetta Uomo beautiful neckerchief collection. As always, the quality is excellent and the customer service is second to none. Looking forward to new colors and designs!" J. C.

Versatility in neckerchief styling options

If you are looking for a casual, but polished look, try one rolled and tied loosely over a tee shirt with or without a blazer. For a more formal cravat look, try one folded in a triangle and tied around the back of your neck, tucked into a button-down shirt, and for a western look, try one tried on the side of your neck over any kind of shirt, from tees to jean shirts. Opt for patterns and colors that compliment or contrast with your outfit, not matching and you will have a fashion accessory that is comfortable, versatile and as ruggedly individual as you.

We wrote a guide showing you different ways to wear and tie your neckerchief.

Genuine Italian silk and craftmanship

The Elizabetta Uomo men's neckerchiefs are all handmade in Como, Italy in small family-owned workshops, using only non-toxic vegetable dyes.

All of our patterns are exclusive, you will not find these large silk bandanas anywhere else! We have patterns ranging from bold to subtle, paisley, geometric, floral and animal. Something for every gentleman, whether you prefer more classic designs or modern designs.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection, we're delighted to offer you so many styles! Known as men's foulards in Italy, this large silk twill bandana scarf can be worn as a cravat tie tucked in your shirt, loosely knotted as a neck scarf or rolled and tied in a knot, cowboy style. Handmade in Como, Italy exclusively for Elizabetta Uomo in small quantities so that you know you are wearing a unique piece of art.

Not sure how to style your neckerchief? Check out our guide How To Tie a Neckerchief

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