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Silk Ascot Ties and Cravats

"Elizabetta is the only domestic supplier of day cravats made to the proper length for tying in the traditional fashion. This latest purchase is one of a growing collection of cravats I've purchased from Elizabetta" Martin
Give your look a touch of Italian dapper with a silk ascot. Ascot ties are a must for the well-dressed man.
A versatile piece, it can be worn to formal events and with more casual outfits, giving your look a refined finishing touch.
Vegetable-dyed pure silk is comfortable as it breathes and does not have toxic chemicals that can irritate the skin.
Our ascots are made exclusively for Elizabetta along the shores of Lake Como, Italy. You will not find the same ascot anywhere else.
We make these in small quantities so that you know you are wearing a unique piece of art.
A men's day ascot (also known as a cravat) is a good choice for any occasion where an open collar is a bit "too" casual, and a knotted tie is not necessary.

A men's ascot is more comfortable than a tie, and it is tied like the illustration, then tucked into an open shirt.

The trick to wearing this chic accessory for men well is to make it look distinguished and a little rakish at the same time.

Ascot ties have a touch of stylish attitude that anyone can afford, even at our regular price!

Men's Ascot Ties Are Worn Like This:

silk ascot ties from Italy
A short history of men's ascot ties:

The ascot is a wide scarf-like necktie that was popular with well-dressed gentlemen in the second half of the nineteenth century in England. Fashionable gentlemen spectators attending the annual Royal Ascot race held at the Ascot Heath racetrack in England made this style of neckwear popular and this style of neckwear was named for the race track.

In recent years the ascot tie has been gaining in popularity as it is a dapper alternative to a tie, giving your look polished refinement. They are comfortable to wear and depending on the print and the rest of your attire, a men's ascot can be worn to more casual events and every day, to more formal events.

An ascot is typically worn with a button-down shirt, always tucked in, with one or two buttons undone to show off the beautiful silk and softly draped folds. Some gentlemen prefer to wear an ascot with the collar covering the silk around the back and sides of the neck, other gentlemen prefer to have a sliver of the silk stand just above the collar. Either way, an ascot tie will set you apart from the crowd!

Difference between a Cravat and a men's Ascot Tie:

In the United States, the 2 names are used interchangeably. But, a cravat is a much older style of neckwear, worn originally in the 1630s by Croatian mercenaries who were enlisted by the French. The enlisted men wore linen cloths tied around their necks, and the officers wore silk.<

Fun fact:  The word "cravate" was actually a mispronunciation of "Croatian" by the French during this time, and hence the word "cravat" was born.

The cravat is the forerunner of the modern-day tie and ascot and even the bow tie.

The Elizabetta collection of Men's Ascot Ties:

Our ascots for menare all made from fine Italian silk so as to be comfortable around the neck and as they are cut on a true bias, they drape beautifully.

Our silk ascot styles and patterns are made exclusively for Elizabetta along the lakeshore of Lake Como in the north of Italy, a place famous for producing some of the world's finest silks. We use non-toxic vegetable dyes, better for you and better for the planet.

We make them one by one, by hand, in small quantities in an ethical workshop. This way you know that you are not only wearing a piece of beauty that was created ethically without toxic dyes, but also that the ascot you are wearing is quite exclusive.
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