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Standard Length Italian Neckties

"Waking up to Elizabetta ties. I am a physician, and keep early hours. It’s never easy to get up at 4:30, but, and I’m not kidding, picking out a beautiful Elizabetta tie for the day makes the sun seem to come up a bit brighter. Thank you for giving us something so special." Richard Elliott, MD, PhD
Our Italian neckties are hand-cut and sewn from the highest quality silk, wool, cotton and linen fabrics, all woven and dyed or printed in Como, in the north of Italy, an area famous for centuries for producing some of the world's finest fabrics.

The Elizabetta collection of Men's Italian Neckties

We cut this Lake Como fabric by hand, one by one, on the true bias (45-degrees). This ensures that the tie will lie flat and not roll when wearing. More fabric is required to make a necktie by cutting on the true bias, thus it simply costs more.

Our men's ties are made with an expensive wool interlining. This wool interlining gives the silk ties long-wearing shape and a beautiful drape. 

Elizabetta’s men's Italian neckties are elegant, classy and a nice complement for any modern masculine outfit. Whether you are looking for a silk tie to wear for an important corporate meeting, your wedding day, or any other important event, we have a varied collection of ties for you to choose from.

We also have ties that suit more casual outfits, and we carry a large selection of coveted grenadine silk ties.

Italian neckties ties are a fashionable, yet classic neckwear that can easily spice up your chosen outfit for a dapper look. 
Elizabetta offers an interesting variety of Italian neckties for men. Having so many colors and patterns to choose from can be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to spend some time looking at all of the ties we offer. Even then, it can be a tough decision to decide which style or pattern you should choose.

Here are a few of our favorite basic tips for deciding what type of tie to choose:

Solid color silk ties are elegant and classic. They look great as part of any outfit, especially if the shirt you choose to wear has some kind of pattern on it. If you are wearing a plain shirt as well, then choosing a silk tie in a contrasting hue can definitely take your look to the next level. Our solid Italian neckties stand out on their own and they’ll help you to quietly make a statement wherever you are.

Striped patterns are very traditional and can be paired with many different patterned shirts, even some striped shirts!

Polka dots have always been fashionable. These silk ties can easily grab the attention of those around you. When you wear them with a plain shirt, simply put - they will make you look great.

Paisley patterns can be so very subtle to attention grabbìng, but either way, they always please and never go out of style.

Textured silk ties, like our grenadine silk ties are another way to up your wardrobe game. A rare fabric made only in Como, it's sought after by those in the know.

Lastly, the medallion motif. Like the paisley, they can be bold or subtly refined and paired with many styles of shirts, from striped to plain.

It's hard to choose as there are so many patterns and colors, so our advice to choose something that makes you happy. Then you will be sure to wear it often and feel good while wearing your Italian necktie.

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