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Handmade Woven Leather Handbags

A woven leather handbag is a timeless investment piece for your wardrobe. Meticulously handcrafted creating a unique, artisanal handbag that carries the stories of the individuals who made it.

"Beautiful bag! Wonderful color and the construction is the best. High quality is what you expect and get from Elizabetta products. This may be the first bag for me, but it won't be the last! I have many of their beautiful scarves and shawls and have given some as gifts. I trust this company wholeheartedly!"  Constance G.

The Elizabetta collection of woven leather handbags

All are exclusive Elizabetta designs, made by Andrea in a tiny artisanal workshop in Le Marche, Italy, not far from where Elizabetta lives which allows the two to get together frequently to come up with new ideas.
Andrea learned his craft from his father, who learned it from his father. Andrea makes woven leather bags for some of the most famous luxury design houses as well as Elizabetta.

How they are made:

Woven leather handbags, also known as braided leather bags, are made using one of two special techniques.

One technique is called Intrecciato where hand-cut strips of leather are handwoven around a wooden form that creates the shape of the handbag. This technique can be used with strips that are the same width or varying widths, creating endless possibilities for different looks.
The other technique is called Infilato where hand-cut strips of leather are laced into a piece of leather that has been cut to allow the leather strips to lace in and out, creating a pretty woven look.

Both are beautiful and depending on the style and shape of the bag, one technique is chosen over the other.

The Leather:
The leather that we use is 100% Italian, colored with non-toxic vegetable dyes, better for you, better for the planet.
Leather that has been vegetable dyed allows the natural imperfections of the hide to show through, so colors are more "transparent" more than others.
Different grades of leather are used to create woven leather handbags, from the stiffer full-grain leather to soft, super pliable Nappa leather.

Depending on the desired look, sometimes we use soft Nappa leather strips that are double the width, then we fold them, creating a strip where no raw edges can be seen. It's a very luxurious way to create a bag as it uses twice the amount of leather.

True Made in Italy: Here at Elizabetta we cherish and honor the quality, workmanship and tradition of Made in Italy fashion.
Unfortunately, not all handbags labeled "Made in Italy" are actually made in Italy. As with every item in our boutique, ours are.
True Made in Italy means that every material used was made in an ethical manner, in workshops that treat their employees well by providing proper working conditions and fair pay. It also means that all the materials used are made using non-toxic materials and sustainable or eco-conscious techniques.
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